Every day we face new challenges in the field of environmental technologies, involving our partners in business strategies. The passion for work, research and constant innovation enable us to meet the needs of our international customers.


We develop easy to use machines and modular systems that are easy to transport as well, in this way we give customers the option to choose between widening and/or upgrading an existing systems. The peculiarity of our standards has made us well known and appreciated throughout the world. For us the relationship with the customers does not finish at the time of the purchase, our after sales service and customer care is a indisputable strength of our company.


We care about protecting the environment and people. For the future we will continue to widen our business and equipment offers with progressive solutions. For us the protection of the planet is a challenge that is renewed every day, a challenge that we will never tire to face and win.


Since 2014 Pagidas Group is exclusive dealer of Komplet in Greece.

Product range of KOMPLET